Stunning Nature packed with Quad Adrenaline Fun

West Bosnia is offering fabulous nature spots to charge your batteries and rest your soul. If you are planning to stay in Split, then Livno should be a “must do” place for visit. Livno is the main town of the west Bosnia region, and it’s just 90 km drive from Split, Croatia. Here you will feel the huge climate and landscape difference compared to Dalmatia. Continental climate offers you a quick escape from Mediteranian hot weather while blessing you with a completely different type of joy.  Outdoor activities of West Bosnia are limitless.

If you are already staying in Sarajevo or Mostar and would like to come to Livno don’t hesitate! From Sarajevo to Livno you have about 2 hours and 40 minutes drive. From Mostar you would need 1 hour and 40 minutes drive to reach Livno. On the way from Sarajevo or Mostar you also have beautiful nature spots where you can bread in and rest. Like Janjske Otokelake RamaKukavičko lakeBlidinje nature park and Semešnica. As mentioned earlier, outdoor activities of West Bosnia are limitless, regardless on the season of the year.

Outdoor activities of West Bosnia: Quad Adrenaline with” ATV EXPERIENCE LIVNO”

“ATV EXPERIENCE LIVNO” is offering fabulous adrenaline quad drive in most beautiful locations of west Bosnia. Zvonimir Perković “Zvone” is the owner and leader of this team. Zvone came up with the idea of ATV (all terrain vehicle) rental service in Livno first of all because he has a huge passion towards motorbikes and nature.

That’s not all because as Zvone said he always had a wish to contribute to his community. In that way he is part of the puzzle for making Livno alive and fun again. Zvone is a typical urban guy that also likes traveling and is very open for meeting new people from every corner of the world. With the first “hand shake” you will feel generosity and joy from Zvone. That’s why Zvone is the perfect guide for exploring nature in full speed quad adrenaline. 

Address of “ATV EXPERIENCE LIVNO” is Splitska b.b. and  it’s actually on the main road to Split. Livno is a small town so you shouldn’t have problems finding the location. “ATV EXPERIENCE LIVNO” has 5 quads and off course all the necessary safety equipment like helmets. Hygiene is on the highest level so helmets and undercaps for helmets are super clean. Quads have all necessary documentation so you can travel to Mars with them. They are in perfect condition and have all the paperwork of quad service. 

If you are driving for the first time, don’t worry! Zvone is very keen to help and explain, he will repeat everything again if it’s necessary. Your duty is just to relax and let nature and adrenaline overwhelm you.

Five amazing Routes to fuel your Viens with Quad Adrenaline

The biggest problem if you decide to drive the quads with Zvone is to choose which route you would take. All of them are spatial in their own way and offer big natural diversity. Rivers, mountain slopes and platforms, lakes, forests and karst fields is something  you will never forget. Even feral horses will take your breath away while admiring them from up close or from distance.

Let us introduce you to the quad routes: Krug Mountain & Feral horses route; River Sturba, Mandek & Buško Lake route; Šator Mountain & Šator Lake route; Blidinje National Park route; Livno Karst Field and Dinara Mountain route.

We have a solution for you, stay longer in Livno and solve the problem of choosing routes. Depending on how long you rent the prices go from 50 euros (2 hours drive) to 130 euros (5 hours drive), but this price also includes a professional guide, fuel and professional photos.

Krug Mountain (Bos. Krug : Eng. “Circle”) is actually a platform beneath Cincar Mountain. Cincar is 2006 meters above Sea level and Krug platform is approximately at 1550 meters.

Keepers of the Krug platform are gorgeous feral horses and about 700 of them are living there. The Krug platform is providing gorgeous sceneries and amazing roads for quads. Terrain is perfect for faster driving, but it also has some bumpy parts if you like the “monster truck” way of driving. Feral horses are always somewhere in the near so you can get with them as well. Sceneries like the look at Buško Lake, Livno karst field or Glamoč karst field will never vanish from your mind. In some moments you will be lost and think that you ended up in Norway looking at fjords.

This tour is about 2 hours long and you cross about 50 km.  If you wish to drive longer, it is easy to arrange with Zvone. Our Funky expedition took this route and “ATV EXPERIENCE LIVNO” provided us with an unforgettable time.

River Sturba, Mandek & Buško Lake Tour

River Sturba, Mandek & Buško lake are also stunning parts of Livno municipality, where in the summer heat you can run to cool yourself. While swimming in Sturba or mentioned lakes there is an option for a nice barbecue. Zvone can arrange and prepare what you like. Parts of this route are astonishing green forest areas for resting the soul from grey city concrete. Water is amazingly clean and clear that you can see your reflection in it. The route goes through the villages with watermills, which will make you reminisce about old good days. 

This tour usually takes around 2 hours and roughly 40 km of ride. However, if you’d like it to last longer, not a problem at all! “ATV EXPERIENCE LIVNO” team will explain  what more to see and also maybe where to stop for a longer break. 

Šator Mountain & Šator Lake Route

This type of tour is a little bit different from the first two that we mentioned. You would travel with the “ATV EXPERIENCE LIVNO” team from Livno to village Preodac and after arrival you would hop on the quads. Preodac is 1 hour and 30 minutes drive maximum. It is a fabulous place for resting and having a barbecue. River crabs are inhabiting nearby streams, so why not try to catch them for a meal! If that is too much,, Zvone can catch them and prepare a magnificent meal. 

he Quad drive from Preodac to Šator lake is about 25 kilometers. After the arrival you can cool yourself in the lake and take a nice relaxing walk. Throughout this area you will also enjoy amazing wild nature with dense forest. Again, ask Zvone for suggestions, this tour can last 3 hours or a whole day ! An interesting fact is that Gavrilo Princip, who assassinated Franz Ferdinand and in that way started WWI, is from this area.

Blidinje National Park Route

National park is also an amazing option, but first you need to drive with the car to Blidinje and then the “ATV EXPERIENCE LIVNO” team will prepare their quads. 

Fabulous Clifs will take your breath away from the Blidinje side of Čvrsnica Mountain. Čvrsnica is a well known hiking trail in the country and region as well. That is not everything, Blidinje National Park is hiding an adorable lake called Blidinje Lake. Driving the quads in this area will be a one time experience. And no, it’s not just for summer! Come in winter and explore the “castle” of the Ice Queen while riding a quad.  

This mountain is also a natural border between Bosnia as a region and Herzegovina as a region. The place is not just amazing because of the landscape, but it’s also famous for domestic and organic food. Restaurant called “Hajdučke Vrleti ” offers fabulous and tasty local cuisine. 

Livno Karst Field & Dinara Mountain Route

Adventure mixed with slopes and plain areas will persuade you to stay in Livno for the rest of your life. Route starts from “ATV EXPERIENCE LIVNO” base and goes throughout Livno Field to Dinara Mountain. 

Driving through the biggest karst field of Europe will give you the feeling that you are in a huge green pool surrounded by mountains. Stunning fresh air is a product of hundreds of different herb species that exist in the region. That is the reason why it’s called the “stoned area”, the fragrant flowers are giving you the light stoned feeling. The slope area that gives more adrenaline and magnificent viewpoints comes after the plain fragrant flower part.

Dinara mountain offers amazing slopes and viewpoints where the quad adrenaline rises like a volcano. Change of driving environment will make the impressions more stunning. Viewpoints are perfect spots for a cup of coffee, tea, can of beer or a juice.

When it’s about time, guess what? If 3 hours are maybe not enough, ask Zvone in advance what is the best timing for you! Remember Zvone is flexible and fun, for him there is no space for strict timing that spoils the impressions.

Outdoor activities of West Bosnia: Zvone as the Quad Adrenaline Master

For many of us it was the first time to drive a quad, and to be honest, just when you push the gas your adrenaline is becoming a volcano! At first we were pretty slow and careful, but it was like magic, after some time we became crazy and fast. Don’t overreact with speed, safety needs to be most important.

The off road experience mixed with incredible fresh air and adrenaline is providing unforgettable memories. Soon you will start to feel more free and you will act almost like a professional rally driver. Bumps and curves also have their own way of adrenaline push up. Horse galloping is giving you an incredible feeling while you drive 50 km / h on the opposite side. You often saw something similar in movies and it was stunning, but compared to reality is nothing. Driving up slopes and down slopes is giving another kind of feeling and adrenaline. At the end all these adrenaline “types” are giving you so much energy and freedom. Therefore, you will have the feeling that you are rising to the sky. 

Zvone as the team leader will explain to you everything! How to drive the quads, how to behave with horses, also he will show you all the best sceneries and his flexibility has no borders. Experience the outdoor activities of West Bosnia, take a quad adventure with “ATV EXPERIENCE LIVNO” team and feel as reborn again.

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